Bob Lewis


Bob founded The Visionary Group and CPA Growth over twenty years ago with one goal, to help CPA firms grow their practices. He has taken a lead role in the CPA profession by developing growth strategies that help firms build their value. Bob often starts by conducting a CPA Firm Value Assessment, which is a proprietary approach Visionary has developed. The Assessment shows a firm how another practice would value their firm. Part of that process identifies areas the firm may need to refine and it often demonstrates how their marketing and business development strategy may be out of alignment with the process to increase their value.

He constructs a firm’s growth strategy and deploys a Four Corners approach to implement their plan. The Four Corners include; the potential for CPA mergers and acquisitions, existing client cross-selling, referral partner development, and new prospect targeting. Bob provides training to help partners and staff get comfortable selling and networking, learn how to think more like an advisor, and works with firms to help them increase their leverage. Leverage is increasing the awareness and ability of the professionals in the firm to sell and network. He has extensive succession planning experience, facilitates partner retreats and business development retreats, runs existing client cross-selling efforts for firms, and is a regular guest speaker at industry events.

Bob has a Bachelor degree in Finance, and a Masters of Business Administration both from DePaul University. Bob is a former accountant and financial analyst. He has run a regional accounting department, managed billing and accounts payable groups, and created $100M plus budgets for two Fortune companies and a holding company of a large conglomerate.