We Work With You to Create a Plan to Find:

  • “Tuck ins”. Practices to go into an existing location.
  • New Locations. A new city or another location in the same city.
  • Resolve Succession. Develop future leaders for your internal succession.
Merger & Acquisition Snapshot

What’s Holding You Back?

Not sure how to start? Have you heard stories other firms that had a bad experience? Do you personally have the time to find candidate firms? Are you asking the right questions? Did you do a deal and it did not work out well? Let us find the firms, be your filter, and become your strategist to break down opportunities.

Unfortunately, Some Firms Try to do This on Their Own

There is a steep learning curve. It takes time to master how to ask the right questions and set the tone with a buyer or a seller. Deals can fail if they are mishandled or not properly documented. We know what questions to ask and how to see the signs of a potentially problematic match. In addition, we help you, if need, create a draft Letter of Intent and act as the go-between for both parties. Our objective is not to close any deal, but to close a deal that makes sense for your growth strategy and/or succession needs.

There is No Winner or Loser

A deal needs to be fair for both parties. Entering a negotiation trying to win is a logical thought, but in an M&A deal you need to look for the win for all parties. If you begin conversations with this approach, the opportunity to close a good deal increases.

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Growth does not just happen. It is the result of collaboration and working together. We are the only growth company in the CPA profession that provides growth through M&A and organic growth support taking leadership or supplementing the business development function.