The Organic Growth Dilemma

Firms spend considerable effort and financial resources trying to grow. Organic growth needs to be a component in every firm, but it cannot be counted on as the primary growth avenue. The numbers do not add up. Visionary can get you closer to your growth goals in a few months than it would take a few years or a decade to achieve organically. Call us to have us walk you through the organic versus inorganic growth example for your firm. It’s an interesting way to examine your future.

Some Assumptions

$5M Firm

$10M Firm

Growth Target of 10%



5% will come from fee increases



Remaining Growth Needed



3% minimally is lost to staff wage increases



Remaining Growth Needed



7% is minimally lost to estimated client runoff



Revised Growth Target



New Work Needed Per Month




Value billing



Existing client mining



Heavy consulting only work



Organic Growth Needs to be Part of the Plan

It is one oar in the water. A firm’s growth strategy should consist of these 4 Corners:

  1. M&A Searches
  2. Existing Client Mining and Outreach
  3. Referral Partner Network Development
  4. Selective Direct Prospect Targeting and Outreach
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Growth does not just happen. It is the result of collaboration and working together. We are the only growth company in the CPA profession that provides growth through M&A and organic growth support taking leadership or supplementing the business development function.