M&A Growth Strategies

Executive Overview. CPA Growth is part of The Visionary Group. This website focuses on growth and exit strategies through M&A and succession planning. We provide custom searches to acquire or merge in practices, create succession plans, and help firms who need to transition out, find a practice to sell or merge upward into.

M&A Market Opportunities. Many firms do not have a succession option and need a transition path. These firms may have a strong bench that will stay for a longer period, but they often lack the ability to manage the practice ongoing. We provide identify growth opportunities for firms with other practices and develop succession and transition solutions.

Deal Killers

It is easy to kill a deal. One common mistake firms make is pre-qualifying an opportunity before they understand it well enough. Another mistake is not knowing when to walk from a deal no matter how much time you have put into it. A successful deal is a fair solution for all parties. We have created a compilation of common deal killers to help you understand how to assess an opportunity. Learn more

Financing & Legal

We partner with organizations that have solutions specific to the CPA profession. Our solution provides a turnkey deal resource network. If you need deal financing, partner buy-in or buy-out funding, capital for expansion, or funding for deal transactions. We have a law firm that exclusively supports the CPA profession and can construct the final Letter of Intent, partnership agreements, and legal advice specific to the accounting industry.

Odd & Sad Examples

Successful, but clueless. A 70-year-old, sole owner of a $6M firm called wanting $6M in cash. We explained no one will do that and we need to ask a few questions. Within 45 seconds his demand dropped to $3M in cash. When asked to answer some basic questions, he got frustrated and hung up. The call lasted 90 seconds. He had no idea how to do this.

Unrealistic. $3M two-owner firm. Owners are 80 and 72. They want to transition, but with a catch. They want to merge, continue working for 10 more years each and then retire. They also did not want their compensation to drop. They did not think what they were asking for was unrealistic.

Sad. $1.4M firm with one 64-year old owner. He had a younger professional who verbally agreed to take over. One day he did not come in and left a resignation letter. In addition, he took $800,000 of the clients. The owner sued but the court said there was no agreement or non-compete protecting the owner. The younger professional kept the clients with zero cost. The owner needed this money to retire.

Frequent Questions

The process of buying, merging, or selling is new to many professionals. Do you have a question? Wondering what the process is if you sell or merge upward? How does it work? What should you expect? Call us at 800.995.9186.