Bob Lewis


Bob founded The Visionary Group and CPA Growth two decades ago. Visionary’s core function is to build the value of CPA firms through merger and acquisition, internal succession strategies and organic business development. CPA Growth concentrates on the CPA M&A needs. His background is unique. Bob has hands-on accounting experience managing a regional accounting and billing group of 40 people inside a Fortune 38 firm. He conducted the monthly closing process and managed the revenue and expense budgets for the sales and customer service districts in the region.

Visionary helps CPA firms focus on three areas of growth. First, is a customized CPA firm merger and acquisition search process. We help firms identify practices not up for sale yet to merge in or acquire. For some clients, we help them create their exit strategy by finding a firm for their practice to merge or sell into. Second, is developing functioning succession plans that include identification of potential partners and training to ensure the incoming team can develop business. Third, we take leadership of a firm’s growth strategy by acting as their outsourced Chief Growth Officer. In this capacity, Bob and the Visionary team work to create a sales culture to get staff, including select partners, engaged in the business development process, referral partner expansion and client mining in their firms.

Mr. Lewis has a Bachelor of Science in Finance, and a Master of Business Administration Degree both from DePaul University. He is a frequent speaker on how to grow firms using a merger and acquisition strategy and by using contemporary ways to develop business within a CPA firm. He can be reached at 800.995.9186 or