Opportunities Exist

Three factors are creating these opportunities:

  1. Many firms are aging and do not have internal succession.
  2. Some firms merge for growth to align with a larger firm who has more resources and services.
  3. Others want to step away from the administrative, technology, recruiting, and other functions so they can stay focused on bringing in work and servicing clients.

What is Creating These Opportunities?

  • Lack of functioning succession plans
  • A diminished desire for younger professionals to own
  • Overvalued exit agreements in partnerships
  • Unclear partnership buy-in programs
  • The inability of so many professionals to bring in new business
  • The changing value of traditional books

Some Key Points

  1. Culture. There must be a like-minded approach between the firms.
  2. Revenue Per Head. We look at several key metrics, but the first assessment point is understanding the revenue per professional head.
  3. Cash. Most deals are done without any cash. A small percentage might be needed for good faith in some deals, but no quality firm is going to pay cash up front.
  4. Brokers. Brokers list firms for sale and then try to solicit to the mass market. Advisors like us conduct customized searches which may be on the buy or sell side.
  5. Lead Ownership. They belong to our client only unless our client decides they are not a fit. We do not take a lead you engage us to search for and give it to 10 other firms.

Traditional Searches

Every search is customized. We are not brokers with a list of practices to sell. Our approach identifies firms to merge or acquire that are not yet up for sale who need an exit strategy or want to align for growth. Traditional searches include:

  • “Tuck ins”. Practices to go into an existing location.
  • New Locations. A new city or another location in the same city.
  • Industry or Service Niches. Identification of specialty areas or other businesses.

Our Process

We do not run ads or list firms for sale like a broker. We custom mold each search using direct outreach, starting with a phone call using our name and 800 number to initiate conversations with candidate firms. Yes, it works, and we get into detailed conversations with candidates. We document the details of each qualified conversation to present to our client. As an opportunity advances, we consult on the deal, and for those who need it, prepare a draft Letter of Intent, and act as the intermediary for changes from both parties.

Objectivity Fuels Conversations

Firms have done bad deals. Often, they found a practice and conducted the transaction without any outside advice and/or brought in a firm that was not a cultural fit. When we call, we have a defined process that asks the right questions and sets the tone with the candidate firm. The firms we call when representing you feel more at ease sharing their situation with us rather than directly with another firm.

Call Us

Explore our process. We will provide an overview of the search process and explain the details of your potential search at no-cost. Our objective is not to close any deal, but to close a deal that makes sense for your growth strategy and/or succession needs.