The Best Value for Your Firm

We advise firms on the M&A process from start to finish. We are often asked to review a deal already on the table that they found on their own or an offer from a firm seeking to acquire their practice. Whether buying or selling, we provide an objective perspective to measure risk, assess the fit, and walk you through emotional and financial perspectives.

Acquiring Firms

We analyze candidate firms from a strategic and collaborative aspect. Some critical questions include:

  • Does the potential deal align culturally?
  • Is there hidden risk?
  • What is the other potential for additional revenue inside their client base?
  • Are all significant issues addressed?
  • Is the transition plan solid?

Being Acquired/Merging Upward

Most CPA firms only sell once in a lifetime. Some items to address include:

  • How much is your firm worth?
  • What potential Deal Killers exist that could make a buyer walk away?
  • What are normal deal terms?
  • How do you respond to the buyer if there are changes to be made?
  • What should you expect in this process?

Our Role

It varies. Some firms engage us to talk through a deal or review a contract, while others need us to get involved with the negotiations. We improve your odds of a successful transaction by sharpening your M&A objectives and acting as your trusted advisor. We begin with a firm assessment to determine your objectives and walk you through each step of the deal. Our objective is to develop a solution to help both parties get a fair deal, but our primary function is to be the fiduciary for the party we represent.