Building CPA Firm Value

We help firms increase their long-term value by developing and implementing diversified growth steps that engage their staff in the growth process and help build the firm’s legacy.

What is Our Approach?

Our core revolves around our 4 Corners and Two Foundation Items.

The 4 Corners

  1. Custom M&A Searches
  2. Existing Client Mining
  3. Referral Partner Network Development
  4. Selective Direct Prospect Targeting

Two Foundation Items

  • Image and perception
  • Developing the sales skills of your accounting professionals.

Some Key Elements We Help Firms Work Through

  1. Our Growth Model. We show firms how to quantify their growth projections and then break them into manageable steps involving multiple business development strategies. Let us run a growth model specific for your firm. We can do this on the phone with you at no-cost and your time commitment is less than ten minutes.
  2. Overcoming Walls. As firms grow, their infrastructure cannot keep up and walls emerge. Professionals are not able to keep pace with need to develop the revenue to maintain the growth. We help firms overcome these obstacles.
  3. Impaired Leverage. This is a widespread problem in so many firms that fuels succession problems and restricts growth. The simplest definition of impaired leverage is the lack of professionals capable of conducting a quality sales call and bringing in new business.
  4. Staff Development. This ties into impaired leverage. Our approach engages staff and makes them an active participant in the growth process.
  5. Implementation. Many firms strategize. Few firms implement. We excel at both and have a complete team of professionals who can execute the plans we put in place.

Self-Assess Your Firm’s Position

You control your destiny. You may be the firm that looks like it needs to be acquired or be the one that acquires, but you should be prepared no matter what path you feel is best. Be realistic about your position. If the number of future exiting partners and payment obligations are growing, do you have committed and trained staff to take over?

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